Plug-in Aroma Lamps

Our plug-in aroma lamps are perfect for use over counters in your kitchen and/or bathroom.  Many of our customers buy our plug-ins just to use as a night light, but remember they are aroma lamps too!

These plug-in style aroma lamps come with dimmer switches to control the light and heat intensity for the perfect fragrance throw.

These lamps sit on a black base containing a 3-prong plug that ensures your plug-in fits snugly in the socket.

Note:  When plugging in or taking out of the outlet, make sure you have the lid off and you grab the aroma lamp by its base and wiggle up and down (not side to side).

Buy an extra bulb with aroma lamp and save $1.50 off regular bulb price.

Buy a replacement lid with aroma lamp and save $1 off regular lid price.

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