Reed diffusers are a great alternative for other types of fragrance systems such as candles, incense, sprays, and the like.  Reed diffuser don't have any open flame, are low maintenance, and can last for months.

A reed diffuser consists of three parts:

  • Reeds
  • Container
  • Container Reed Cap (not always)
  • Reed Diffuser Oil
    • Fragrance / Essential Oil
    • Reed Diffuser Base


To Use

Using a reed diffuser is very easy and low maintenance.  To setup, place the reed diffuser oil in the container if not already packaged this way and then add the reeds.  The more reeds you use the more fragrance will be released into the air.  Placing your diffuser on a window seal in the sun will also create more of a fragrance throw.  To prolong the life of your reed diffuser, simply flip the reeds end-over-end every week until all oil has been used. You may want to use a tissue or like when flipping the reeds to keep the oil off your hands.  Your reed diffuser should last for months, and after the oil is gone, refills are available for purchase.  After about six months of using the same reeds you will want to replace them with new ones.  Never trim your reeds as you will crush the end of the reed stopping the fragrance from travelling up the reed.


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