TPG Aroma Beads in a SachetTPG Aroma Beads in a Sachet

TPG Aroma Beads, Sachet

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Aroma beads are amazing clear plastic beads that absorb fragrance oil and then slowly releases the fragrance over an extended time.
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TPG Aroma Beads in a Sachet

Aroma beads are amazing clear plastic beads that absorb fragrance oil. They are much stronger than conventional potpourri. Aroma beads have the scent of a candle without the danger of a flame! Our aroma beads are made with highly concentrated fragrance oils. Sachet is a white 3"x4" organza bag and is filled with approximately 1.3 ounces of aroma beads. Place sachets in your car, drawer, luggage, cupboards, hampers, locker, shoe boxes, storage boxes, closets, bathrooms, garment bags! Sachets make great wedding & baby shower favors! Plus much more!

Scent Throw:  Remember, all air fresheners, including aroma beads, throw scent by circulation of air.  Air and/or heat flow are what make the scent permeate into the room. Aroma beads need to be placed in an open container or sachet made from thin material so the air can circulate to allow the fragrance flow.  The beads need to be shaken or stirred every now and then to refresh them and release the scent.  Setting a sachet in front of an air vent in your house or vehicle will help circulate the fragrance and give an awesome aroma where used.

Cautions:  Unscented aroma beads are made of FDA approved non-reactive plastics.  Do not place on unprotected surfaces.  Be careful when setting scented beads on wood, plastic or painted surfaces.  Some oils can stain wood and damage painted or plastic surfaces. These aroma beads will melt at 150 - 190 degrees F.  Do not use aroma beads in a potpourri burner.  Always keep the beads out of the reach of children and animals. Some oils can migrate through some types of containers or packaging media.  We suggest glass or painted pottery containers.  Not for use in bath.  Do not consume.

Fragrance Selection:  Select the fragrance you want from the drop down list.  Those fragrances with a '*' before their name indicates temporarily out of stock.  Please email us or use the "Ask a question" form for this product and mention the name of the fragrance if you desire the fragrance.




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