TPG Custom Made Soy CandlesTPG Custom Made Soy Candles

TPG Custom Made Soy Candles

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Our 100% soy candles are custom made using our high quality fragrance oil. Soy wax net weight 9.5 oz. Made in the U.S.A.
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TPG Custom Made 100% Soy Candle

These soy candles are a great alternative to burning paraffin candles and each is made to order.  We make these custom, hand-made candles with 9.5 ounces of soy wax and our high quality, phthalate free, fragrance oil.  Additionally, we use a cotton wick.  Soy is more eco-friendly than other waxes and is renewable.

Soy is a healthier alternative than paraffin candles.  On an average they burn twice as long as paraffin and burn a lot more even.  All of our components are made in the U.S.A.

Fragrance Selection

Select the fragrance you want from the drop down list. We currently have over 100 fragrances to select from.

NOTE:  Those fragrances with a '*' before their name indicates temporarily out of stock.  Please email us or use the "Ask a question" form for this product if you are looking for a particular fragrance or desiring one that is currently out of stock..

Wick Selection

Our candles come standard with a cotton wick.  We also offer slat style wood wicks that provide a soft crackling sound as they burn.

Candle Coloring

Our candles come standard in classical white.  If you want, we can also color the candle.  Currently, the color is based on our color charts and not selectable.


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