TPG Scented Soy ChunksTPG Scented Soy Chunks

TPG Scented Soy Chunks

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These soy chunks contain a high percentage of our premium fragrance oil and use a high grade 100% soy wax. We know as we make them ourselves! Sold by the ounce and in increments of 2 ounces. 2 ounce minimum per fragrance. Made in the U.S.A
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TPG Scented Soy Chunks

We make our scented soy chunks using our high quality fragrance oil and a 100% soy wax.  We use the highest percentage of premium grade fragrance oil as recommended by the soy wax manufacturer giving you an excellent product. Buying in chunk format allows you to save money.

Select the fragrance you want from the drop down list. We currently have over 100 fragrances to select from. 

Order Quantity

Order by the ounce and in increments of 2 ounces.  2 ounce minimum per fragrance.  For example, if you select "1" you get two ounces of wax.  Selecting "2" gets you four ounces.

Quantity Discount

The more you buy per fragrance, the more you save.  This is the current price plan:

2  - 8oz - $.99/oz

10 - 16 oz - $.85/oz

18 - 24oz - $.75/oz

26+ oz  - $.65/oz

Fragrance Availability

NOTE:  Those fragrances with a '*' before their name indicates temporarily out of stock.

Fragrance Request

If we don't have a fragrance you are looking for, you can email us or use the "Ask a question" form for this product and mention the name of the fragrance you desire.  We will let you know if we can get.


If you select yes, we will color the wax to our standard color plan.


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